A 92 minute in-depth video documentary on the December 9, 1965 Kecksburg, PA UFO crash recovery produced by Stan Gordon.

Winner of the 1998 EBE Film Award for
"Best Historical UFO Documentary"

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  • You have heard about Roswell. Now learn about the strange object that crashed in Pennsylvania!
  • See in-depth witness interviews!
  • Learn about little known details!
  • Was Something Inside?

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Stan Gordon
Has been researching information on the Kecksburg UFO case for many years and is convinced that something of Government interest did occur which triggered the military to respond so quickly.
Randy Overly
Observed the strange object fly low overhead shortly before it impacted near Kecksburg.
Mable Mazza
Was the office manager at WHJB radio in Greensburg at the time. She took phone calls from the military and the Pentagon and gave directions to the crash site.
Bill Bulebush
Saw the object fall from the sky towards the Kecksburg area. He may have been the first person to see the strange acorn shaped object on the ground.
Jim Romansky
Romansky says he was a member of a search team looking for a possible downed aircraft when they came across a strange metallic object in the woods.
Jerry Betters
Pittsburgh Jazz musician Jerry Betters went to the area after hearing radio accounts of the incident. He states that he saw a strange object on the back of a military truck, and that soldiers pointed their guns at him, requesting that he and his friends leave the area.
States that he saw a strange bell shaped object at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. only days after the PA incident.
According to many eyewitness accounts, the military arrived in the area around Kecksburg within a short time after the mysterious object had fallen.
The object reportedly fell in a large wooded area near the village of Kecksburg.

Artwork by Charles Hanna
Myron, a truck driver delivered a load of bricks to Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio, and states that he saw a strange bell shaped object being examined in a building at the base.
Witnesses claim to have seen a metallic acorn shaped object with strange markings in the Kecksburg woods.

Artwork by Charles Hanna

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