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Vol. III No. 1, 1996
The Anomalies Zone
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UFO's, Other Oddities Reported in Pennsylvania during 1996
Strange encounters are ongoing
Pennsylvania -1996

During 1996 reports of UFO sightings and other strange encounters, came to my attention from 14 counties across the Keystone State. Many of the UFO reports could be explained as natural or man-made in origin. There were many misidentifications of bright planets and stars, bright meteors, and even a power transformer explosion that led to strange sights in the sky. Among the other phenomena reported were alleged hauntings and apparitions, strange footprints in the snow, Bigfoot reports, and an unusual creature sighting. There is no doubt that many events that seem quite strange on the surface, quite often are explainable with proper research. It continues to be my experience however, that each year there are some UFO incidents as well as other cases from the "Fortean" field which seem to remain in the Unexplained category. Many of these reports originate from the public, and from individuals who apparently had no previous interest in these subjects. Some were in fact very skeptical of these accounts until they had their own personal encounter into the unknown. Year after year, these events continue to occur. Most people who have these experiences wish no publicity. They have gained nothing, but many find that their lives have changed. Will we ever find out what is really happening?

UFO emits beam

Crabtree, PA-9:15 P.M., January 21,1996

Witness was looking out of the kitchen window and observed what appeared to be a bright star. After observing it for a while the object began to brighten and appeared to get larger. The object seemed to gain altitude, and appeared to be moving closer to the direction of the observer. The witness called his wife and they went to another window to look, keeping the inside lights out and opening the window for a better view. The object was emitting various colors such as red, green, orange and blue along with flashes of white. They again wondered if it was a star when it began to move upward gaining altitude while moving in a zig-zag pattern. Almost instantly the object appeared to turn, and emitted a bright beam of white light towards their home. The light seemed to be shining at about a 45 degree angle from the object. The beam was illuminated in their general direction, but did not shine directly on their home. The object was continuing to move closer to their position. When the object passed nearby, a triangular shape was revealed. The light pattern of the object was also discernible, and all of the lights were circular in shape. A muffled sound of low intensity was reported. The object moved off in the distance.

Large footprints seen in snow

S. Connellsville, PA-February, 1996

It was a late evening in February , when a sound was heard outside. Upon looking, the witness observed a series of footprints in the freshly falling snow. Upon examination, the footprints were estimated to be about 15 inches in length, and there was a very large stride between the tracks. The tracks continued for a distance, at one point whatever made the tracks stepped over a woodpile and continued over a bank. The witness was intrigued enough to take several photographs of the impressions, since while having lived in that area for many years, she had never seen such unusual footprints before. This location is in the heart of the Chestnut Ridge, an area which has historically produced many reported encounters with Bigfoot. It has also been a hotspot for many other types of Fortean events as well.

Strange Creature reported in Indiana County

Northern Indiana County-1 P.M., Sept.. 24, 1996.

An unusual creature sighting was reported to have occurred in North Indiana County about 75 miles Northeast of Pittsburgh, on the afternoon of September 24, 1996. The encounter first came to our attention when Researcher Greg McCormick of Pittsburgh, saw a post on the Internet, from the grandmother of one of the young witnesses, and he responded to obtain more information. The woman replied with additional information on the incident. The sighting was witnessed by two 9 year olds, one girl and one boy. The creature was observed in the vicinity of their school in a cornfield. According to the grandmother, the children saw the creature standing sideways, and it was moving like a soldier marching, with arms moving back and forth . The general description was that the being was about 4 feet tall, and was blue in color. The children were also able to describe the fingers, and other details including the fact that the face appeared coned shaped. The sighting reportedly lasted for several minutes. The young granddaughter insists that what they saw was real. Later this account appeared in the newsletter UFO Roundup, Volume 1, No. 31, September 29, 1996, which is available on the UFO INFO Worldwide website and is edited by Joseph Trainor.

Bigfoot observed by state trooper

Armstrong County-4 P.M., January 22, 1996.

A startled state trooper is reported to have stopped his car after a large hairy creature walked out of the woods about 20 yards in front of him. The creature was described as about 7 to 8 feet tall, covered with dark brown shaggy hair, and weighed about 400 lbs. The creature had almond shaped eyes, the size of a quarter, and the back of the head appeared pointed. The nose appeared flat. According to the report, the creature exited from the woods, stopped in the roadway, looked at the trooper's vehicle, then continued across the road into some bushes. There was a trail of footprints in the snow from the path of the creature. The footprints were 5 toed, about 18" long.

Credit: The information on this Bigfoot report is from the BORU Journal, No. 2, Fall 1996, published by the Butler Organization for Research of the Unexplained, Chicora, PA. 16025.

Unexplained rumblings reported

Over the years loud vibrations and rumblings have occurred in various sections of Pennsylvania. Sometimes these sounds have been explained as the result of sonic booms, distant storms, or other natural causes, but some remain unexplained. The BORU Journal, No.2 Fall 1996, published by the Butler Organization for Research of the Unexplained, Chicora, PA. 16025, lists several such incidents which occurred in 1996. The occurrences all took place during February, March and April. The incidents were reported from Butler, Allegheny, Armstrong and Mercer Counties. The most interesting account was reported on March 5, 1996 from Verona in Allegheny County. According to the report a loud rumbling was heard which seemed to originate from the sky. It was strong enough to cause pictures and small items to vibrate off the table, and the house vibrated as well.

Helicopters appear after UFO Sighting

Sewickley, PA.-3:33 A.M.,-March 8, 1996.

During the last several years, there have been many sightings in Pennsylvania of large triangular shaped objects being reported from many locations across the state. In some cases the objects have been silent, in other instances the objects have emitted a very loud sound. The following case was reported in the BORU Journal, No.2 , Fall 1996, published by the Butler Organization for Research of the Unexplained, Chicora, PA 16025. A triangular shaped object reportedly as large as a house, was reported by a number of witnesses near the Allegheny County community of Sewickley. The object made no sound as it moved over the Sewickley Bridge and towards the South. There were blue, red, orange and yellow lights that pulsated on the object, and they were so bright that they reportedly caused pain to the observers. A short time after the object moved away, witnesses claim that a number of helicopters in formation were observed moving in the same direction.

UFO Sightings Reported Across State

There have been many UFO sightings reported from across the Keystone State during 1996. The following cases are some of the incidents that have come to my attention.

January 21-Crabtree, PA.-9:15 P.M.

triangular object emits beam of light. See report on this case in this issue.

February 4-Somerset County-6:30 P.M.

This incident took place in a wooded rural area of Somerset County. Woman opened up drapes and observed two round yellow lights side by side similar in appearance to car headlights, that were moving above a tree about 300 feet away. Another witness in the house also watched as the lights began to approach towards them. The lights suddenly stopped, about 100 feet from the power lines. There was no sound heard. As one witness moved to another window for a better look, the other person stated that the lights turned and bounced and that a red light also appeared. Suddenly the yellow lights became so brilliant that they became blinding, and the surrounding area couldn't be seen. It seemed as though the lights were just outside the window of the house at this point. After having to turn some lights on and off in the house, the strange lights were seen moving over a field, and moved just above the tree tops.

February 8-Centerville, PA.-6:35 P.M.

An object described as huge, and diamond shaped and giving the impression of a Christmas ornament in the sky, was reported over this rural area. The object was gold in color and there were numerous small white lights all over the object. The object emitted beams of light and at times the object appeared to spin like a top, and would turn on its side.

March 11 and 12- Westmoreland, Allegheny Counties.

Several reports of unusual objects seen during the evening hours on these nights. One incident that I recently heard about reportedly involves a large disc shaped object so close to the observers that they could see an entity inside.

March 24-Montgomery County-7 P.M.

Witnesses were comet watching when they observed an unusual object moving constantly across the sky at an estimated 1,000 feet above the ground. The object was described as looking like "a blunt arrowhead" or triangular in shape, but the object was translucent. The color was described as off white, somewhat grayish in appearance, and there appeared to be a ribbon like material through the entire surface of the object.

No sound was heard. The object moved Northwest and crossed near the Big Dipper. March 26-Monroeville, PA-10:55 P.M. Witnesses while comet watching, saw towards the North, five triangular shaped objects that glowed orange, the same color as red hot steel. The objects moved towards the South while remaining in a constant straight line formation.

May 21-Blair County- 11 P.M.

A formation of five to seven bright orange lights are observed moving towards the Northwest. As the lights moved at a constant speed, they appeared to be changing shape. The witness described this movement as like a swarming pattern of insects. The lights seemed to shift in position, then for a short time fix in another pattern before changing again. The lights were steady, no smoke trails observed.

July 7-Jeannette-2 A.M.

The witness observed about 20 feet from the bedroom, that the livingroom area was glowing in a soft red light that is eminating from outside through a window. At the same time a humming sound was heard, that also contained a slightly melodic whistle of a constant note. After a short time, the illumination faded away, and the sound fade out at the same time. The next day I arrive at the scene and take various radiation and envriromental instrumentation readings, which were all normal.

July 21-Moon Township-3:30 A.M.

The witness saw at a distance of about 600 feet, a solid tear dropped shaped object, silver-white in color that had no blinking lights. When seen it was moving up above a hotel. The object seemed to tumble and rotated so the witness could only see it's rim side. It seemed to stop for a short time, then moved behind some trees. Several seconds later further in the distance, the witness saw the same or similar object but gray in color, with a mist around it. When seen in the far distance, the object was still tear drop shaped but was lying sideways. The sky was very clear during the time of the sighting.

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