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Vol. IV No. 1 Winter, 1997
The Anomalies Zone
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The NASA FRAGOLOGY Files Destroyed or Missing?
Did NASA File Contain Information on Kecksburg?

On December 9, 1965 something reportedly fell from the sky into a wooded area near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. For years I have been investigating the case trying to determine just what it was that dropped in on this quiet community so many years ago. Even today there exists much speculation as to what the metallic acorn shaped object was, which witnesses claim that they saw in 1965. After many years of researching the incident, my position concerning the case is that it is not a hoax. The two most likely explanations as to the source of the object is (A.) The object was a man-made space probe that had re-entry control capability. The structure design of the craft would have made it possible for it to safely return to the Earth. (B.) An Extraterrestrial spacecraft which originated from outside of the Earth. Eyewitness accounts from that night in 1965 describe military and government personnel on the scene, who took part in what apparently was a search and recovery operation of the object involved. Among the authorities that were reported to have been at the site were NASA personnel.

Even though informants have told us that they have seen the military recovery report on the Kecksburg object, no such documents have ever surfaced. But many other documents that concern Project Moondust have been released by various agencies. Project Moondust involved the government functions that dealt with the recovery of space objects that survived re-entry through the Earth's atmosphere. A 1973 State Department document released to New Mexico researcher Clifford Stone states that "The designator MOONDUST is used in cases involving the examination of non-US space objects or objects of unknown origin." Various State Department documents show that NASA played a role in the recovery and examination of space object debris. It was always of interest, that no NASA documents were ever located concerning the Kecksburg event, even though it had been reported that a NASA representative was sent to the site of the crash and interviewed some witnesses about what they experienced that day. In October of 1994, a FOIA request was made to NASA Headquarters for information that concerned the operational guidelines that NASA personnel followed when involved with cases that dealt with the recovery and examination of space material.

Other documentation showed that NASA was involved with MOONDUST matters as well. In this request, I asked for a copy of these guidelines from the project's inception through the current date. I also requested copies of all reports that would have involved NASA in these types of events from the time span covering from January of 1960 through January of 1970. This search was to include any such event that would have occurred within the United States or at the worldwide level. In April of 1995, I received a response to this request. While I did not receive the particular material that I had requested, another document was sent that was quite interesting to say the least. The document, a records transmittal and receipt form, released by NASA's History office, discusses " NASA Fragology Files consisting of reports of space objects recovery, analysis of fragments to determine national ownership and vehicle origin." The single page paper was marked highest classification confidential, to be released only upon authorization of NASA. The document indicates that the reports were made during the years of 1962-1967. Reports contained within the document are marked such as F33-Venezuela Object. Another report is identified as Moon Dust -KATOTO Estate. The list of records begins with F1 and ends with F48. Interestingly, there are gaps in the sequencing of the reports listed in the document. It appears that a quite a number of reports that were associated with the NASA Fragology Files are not included for some reason.

For example F5, F6, F9, and F10 are missing, as well as twenty others. The Kecksburg case occurred in 1965 and if NASA were involved in this investigation as stated by various witnesses, then it would be likely that this report should be listed in the NASA Fragology Files. Upon receipt of this document, I quickly sent a FOIA request to NASA Headquarters for a copy of each report listed in the document concerning the NASA Fragology Files. On the copy of the initial document I received, there was a hand written notation which stated "Still at Fed. Records Center 9/29/94". In May, 1995, I received a response from NASA Headquarters which informed me that I had to send an advanced payment to begin fulfilling this search request from the Federal Records Center. NASA's History office informed them that the records I had requested may be contained in two boxes. I submitted the check and when many months went by with no response, I called NASA Headquarters in January of 1996 to find out the status of the records search. I left a message, and within a few days I received a response. A letter dated January 22, 1996 from NASA Headquarters states "We received your check ... for the retrieval of the two boxes that may have contained documents you were seeking from the Federal Records Center. I have been informed by the program office that the Records Center informed them that those boxes were destroyed prior to their request." Also enclosed in the letter was an apology for the mix-up and the time that this had taken to be completed. I was disturbed to learn of the destruction of this information.

Even if no information on Kecksburg existed in thes files, what may well have been other important historical records related to the American and Soviet space program may have also been lost. I requested that an investigation be conducted into the destruction of the NASA Fragology File records. In an April 15, 1996 letter from NASA Headquarters, it was explained to me how the FOIA process worked. It explained that once the NASA FOIA office receives a request, they attempt to locate the appropriate program office that have control over the requested documents. It further stated "The FOIA office provides the program office with a copy of the request and the instructions to obtain a copy of the requested document and supply it to the FOIA office for direct response to the requester. If the program office has forwarded the documents to the Washington National Records Center, the program office then informs the FOIA office of that fact. The FOIA office then asks the requester for an up front payment of the cost.

The Washington National Records Center is not contacted prior to receipt of a requester's check. Upon receipt of a requester's check, the FOIA office asked the program office to have the documents retrieved from the Washington National Records Center. It was at this point in the process of your request that the program office was informed that the records had been destroyed." According to the letter, after I had asked for an inquiry into the reported destruction of the records , the Washington National Records Center attempted again to locate the records. But after searching they still were not able to locate the files. The letter stated "They ( the National Records Center) do not know if the records were destroyed or have just been misplaced." A letter from the Washington National Records Center to the NASA Headquarters Records Manager dated March 28, 1996 stated " our records indicate that the boxes were identified as missing in 1987 and have not been located since that date." NASA had no explanation for the hand written markings on the document which indicated that the records were still at the Washington National Records Center in 1994.

In other related correspondence, NASA indicated that they could only "surmise this notation was in error." Since then, searches have been conducted at numerous NASA installations for records concerning the NASA Fragology Files. No other references to the files have surfaced so far. This appears to be a new terminology that myself and other researchers had not encountered before. How the NASA Fragology Files relates to Project Moondust and possibly to reported UFO crashes is open for speculation. It may be only coincidence, but it is interesting to note that in 1987, both the first Kecksburg eyewitness who reported seeing the object on the ground surfaced, and that as public interest in the case escalated , the files reportedly disappeared. The incident had always been a Pittsburgh area topic of discussion, since so many people remembered the incident. As the media began to focus on the story, individuals who had kept quiet about their involvement in the case for many years came forward. Even today however, many people who have talked to us about their knowledge of the case refuse to be identified, and there are many others who apparently have never come forward according to relatives and friends. Certain information has surfaced in recent years that suggests that the government does not want the information on the Kecksburg case released. Is this because we recovered a Soviet space probe to study and never returned it to that launching state as we had agreed to at the United Nations, or could we have recovered something much more unusual? The question remains, where are the NASA Fragolgy Files? If you have any information on this matter, I would appreciate your contacting me so that we can exchange notes.

Breaking News!

As I am working on this newsletter, I have just received information on an alleged UFO incident which occured in Northern Pennsylvania. Preliminary information indicates that several people observed a large bright green light hovering in the sky. Two separate objects broke away from the larger light. After this, one light dropped straight down while a red light went straight up. They apparently made numerous turns and moved around the sky for sometime when the larger light just suddenly vanished. Reportedly, a short time later, much aircraft activity began to take place in the area, including the appearance of a helicopter. Reportedly, there is usually little aircraft activity in the area. As more information becomes available on this sighting It will be released.

Extraterrestrial Exposure Regulation "Reserved"

A NASA Regulation in effect since July 16, 1969 and has been a subject of controversy, since it could possibly be interpreted that UFO abductees or witnesses who claim to have been close to a UFO could be subject to a fine of $5,000 or imprisoned for one year if they have been "Extraterrestrially exposed" as defined by the NASA administrator in Title 14, Part 1211 of the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations).

In section 1211.102 Definitions. (b) "Extraterrestrially exposed means the state or condition of any person, property, animal, or other form of life or matter whatever, who or which has: (1) Touched directly or come within the atmospheric envelope of any other celestial body: or (2) Touched directly or been in close proximity to (or been exposed indirectly to) any person, property, animal or other form of life or matter who or which has been extraterrestrially exposed by virtue of paragraph (b) (1) of this section. Under section 1211.102-Definitions, it also states "Quarantine means the detention, examination, and decontamination of any persons, property, animal or other form of life or matter whatever that is extraterrestrially exposed, and includes apprehension or seizure of such person, property, animal or other form of life or matter whatever." The regulation indicates that those who fall under this category can be placed into a quarantine station that is under the control of armed guards. In a letter response from NASA Headquarters in 1995, It was learned that as of April 26, 1991, Title 14 CFR Part 1211, was removed from the Federal Register. Along with the letter, NASA had provided a copy of the notice of April 26, 1991 "reserving Part 1211 for future use by NASA." Pittsburgh researcher Greg McCormick recently looked into the current status of this regulation. McCormick states "I consulted several US government sources to determine the current status of Part 1211 of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations which established procedures governing those who have contact with extraterrestrial lifeforms. Book 14 of the CFR is updated annually as of January 1. The January 1, 1996 CFR still listed Part 1211 as 'Reserved.' The January 1, 1997 update for Title 14 was not available. However, the LSA (List of CFR Sections Affected), which lists changes to the CFR for all parts of Title 14 from January 2, 1996 through December 31, 1996, did not show the status of Part 1211 as having been changed in any way. I also searched the Federal Register online via GPO access for the years 1995 through 1997. Included in the Federal register are Proposed Rules from Federal Agencies and Organizations. My search returned no hits relating to Title 14 CFR Part 1211, indicating no changes or rules were proposed affecting this regulation through mid-February, 1997."

A Major UFO encounter

The following article was printed in the BORU Journal, No.2, Fall 1996 published by the Butler Organization for Research of the Unexplained, 118 Beach Road, Chicora, PA. 16025.
September 10-11, 1995-Butler, PA/ Butler Twp., PA Butler County: One of the most major UFO related events ever to occur in Western Pennsylvania, this multiple witness sighting took place in the city of Butler and around Butler Township. A chronology of this astounding event is as follows:

8:15 PM- The initial reports received by BORU came from 10 individuals on Main St. in Butler. The witnesses at this location report seeing a bright light which was described as a bright star or planet. After a few minutes, a large triangular-shaped object became visible. The object had five "window" structures with the largest one in the center. Bright yellow-white light was emanating from the windows. Witnesses also reported seeing an additional smaller object with the same configuration. The smaller object had the same red, blue, green and yellow flashing lights around the perimeter. Several of the eyewitnesses viewed the object through bincoculars. The smaller object disappeared to the East and the larger object drifted very slowly towards the West for about 30 minutes. Next the large object abruptly shot out a beam of white light from beneath which struck the ground. The object slowly moved towards the West for about 45 minutes before disappearing behind a group of trees. The object was viewed for approximately 2 hours. The eyewitnesses notified the police at approximately 8:30 P.M.

8:30PM-A Pennsylvania State Constable also viewed the object while in Lyndora, PA Butler Township. What appeared at first to be a bright star took shape as a large triangular-shaped object drifting toward Butler City. The object was described as having bright white lights at each of the corners and small red and green lights towards the front. The detailed flight pattern given by the observer denotes that the object slowly moved from the downtown Butler area to the intersection of PA 8 and McCalmont Rd. From there the object moved towards East Butler then back across Butler city towards the West. The entire duration of this sighting lasted approximately 40 minutes.

9:05 PM-Several eyewitnesses reported that the police had a serious interest in the object. Individuals who monitor public safety radio transmissions in and around the Butler area report to BORU that police were dispatched to the tier parking garage in Butler city to get a better look at the object. While at the garage, officers reported looking at the object through binoculars and reporting to the dispatcher. The dispatcher by her own admission over the radio reported receiving numerous phone calls concerning the object. At approximately 9:10 PM , the object shot a beam of light at the officers on the roof of the tier parking garage. The frenzied officers reported the unusual light beam back to the dispatcher.

9:15 PM-Several witnesses report seeing a triangular object shoot beams of light toward the ground. The event was witnessed from a parking lot at a shopping center near the near the intersection of PA 356 and PA 68.

12:00 AM-At this time, the police interest is immense. The object suddenly reappears and is spotted by several individuals including police officers at the intersection of PA 356 and North Duffy Rd. Witnesses report that the object moved toward the West and disappeared over the Moraine State Park area.

3:00 AM-The object reappeared a third time and approximately 25 individuals viewed the object from a restaurant on PA 356. Reports from several of the witnesses state that the triangular-shaped object had bright white lights at each corner and periodically moved slowly and hovered as it moved from a SW to NE direction. The sighting lasted approximately 30 minutes.

Sept 11, 1995-Butler Twp, PA Butler County: An individual reported seeing an object hover over his neighbor's house for several minutes. The description of the object was identical to the object seen the previous night. The sighting occurred at 2:35 A.M. and the witness reported the sighting to the police shortly afterward.

Fireball with Sound Reported

On the evening of January 31, 1997, there were numerous reports of a bright fireball seen crossing the sky in the vicinity of Williamsport, PA, in Lycomming County. The sighting was accompanied by one or more loud explosive sounds. Observations were reported over a large area. More information will be forthcoming.

Lights in sky only flares

During the early morning hours of February 2, 1997, a bright green glow was reported in the sky in Indiana County. A check around the area soon made it apparent that the observation was localized, and a short time later it was determined that the source of the odd lights were from flares being fired during a military exercise being conducted by a local unit.

Looking back

August 8, 1987-At approximately 9 PM, two people in a car are driving near Tylersburg in Northern Clarion County. The driver observed a bright glowing orange object that looked at first like a giant kite. She yelled to her passenger to look at the strange object, who later stated that the object was rising up from the ground, about 50 feet in the air, and about 75 yards from the car. The object when first seen appeared to be made up of a massive amount of electricity as bright flashes from all over the object similar to arc welding was present. But as the object rose, it changed into a different physical form. The object changed from an irregular shape into an elliptical shaped object, still maintaining its orange color. The object hovered, then moved forward in a slow manner. At times when the object appeared to be flying just above the tree tops, the trees never showed any motion, and there was no sound or wind observed. The object was keeping pace with the car, and the witnesses followed the object for a couple of miles. It was as though they were both watching each other. When the car turned left, the object moved over a field and could be seen above the trees. Suddenly the object shot straight up into the sky and moved so quickly that it looked like a big orange dot within seconds. The witnesses believed that it was likely that the object had landed before they first saw it, as the craft was rising when they first observed it. Over the next couple of hours, they heard the sound of jet aircraft flying overhead .

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